Why Is Australian Permanent Residence Becoming Difficult To Get These Days?

Why Is Australian Permanent Residence Becoming Difficult To Get These Days? 

Australia is considered as one of the best destinations to immigrate to for immigrants or newcomers. The infrastructure, professional opportunities, top wages, and standard of living, etc. in Oz lure thousands of applicants to Australia each year.

In the last few months, however, the Australian authorities have announced and carried out a few rule changes which have unsettled many prospective applicants or aspirants of visa in Australia. It is clear from a few of the changes that the government is planning to manage the number of immigrants in the country.

Australia Immigration Rule Changes 

In 2018, the Australian government has employed some fundamental changes in Australia immigration programs and procedures. Here are some of the Australia Immigration Rule Changes:

Minimum Point Score Requirement Increased for Skilled Immigrants

Australia has expanded the minimum immigration point requirement for skilled migrants applying for the skilled visa via General Skilled Migration (GSM).

Earlier in the year, the minimum points needed for GSM Category visas were 60 points, but now applicants required a minimum 65 points to be eligible to apply for GSM Category visas, i.e

When you submit your EOI (Expression of Interest) in online SkillSelect System your point score required to be at least 60 points.

  • Abolition of 457 temporary visa

In a major immigration rule change last year, Australia put to an end the Subclass 457 temporary visa. A large number of immigrants used to flock to Australia through this visa in the past, however, now this visa has been replaced by new 482 temporary skill shortage visa, with a relatively different set of process requirements.

  • Skilled Occupation List reduced

The Australian authorities have also reduced a large number of occupation from its popular skilled Occupation list. This list contains the high demand occupations across the Australian State, for which, the Australian government invites application from foreign skilled workers and professionals.

The applicants of Australian visa, need to first select and nominate an occupation from the skilled occupation list.

  • Stricter Citizenship process Requirements

The Australian government has also made some major changes to the Australian citizenship process, implementing stricter rule and requirements for the Australian citizenship test.

Therefore, the candidates applying for Australian citizenship will now have to go via the relatively difficult process requirements, i.e. English language proficiency level, etc.

How to Apply for Australia Permanent Residency

If you desire to apply for an Australia Permanent Residency visa, you should note that there are different categories for anyone who wants to move to Australia. There are basically Three Australian Visa Categories for the applicants interested to live, work, study, business or visit Australia on a visitor/tourist visa i.e Work Visa, Business Innovation and Investment visa, and Student Visa.

Before applying for Australia permanent residency, all candidates need to take the IELTS test and a Skills test.

The first step to applying for Australia permanent residency is to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI). This can be submitted online and has no fee charged or required. An Expression of Interest is valid for two years from the date of submission.

After 1-3 months, the applicants should get an invitation to apply for a migrant visa. This application must be made within Sixty (60) days of receiving the invitation. The application for Permanent residency is available online and can be submitted off online as well.

Please also note that digital copies of all important documents must be submitted with the application. A visa processing fee is payable at this stage. The applicant would be required to undergo a medical exam. All that’ left to do after this is to wait for the visa to be processed. This can take anywhere between some weeks and a few months.

How to deal with new Australia Immigration Challenges

If you desire to deal with stringent immigration rules and process requirements of Australia, you must contact an approved Visa and Immigration Consultancy Company for Australia. However, make sure that you hire a registered agent to help you with the immigration process.