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11 reasons many Immigrants want to work in Canada

There are so many reasons someone would like to immigrate in order to work In Canada and start all over again. More often than not, the pasture just seems greener on the other side.

From my experience and that of friends and colleagues these are some reasons that entice people to want to move to and work in Canada.

1. Healthcare System: Canadians have a free healthcare system at their disposal.  Although the “free” isn’t so free. All tax payers contribute to the healthcare fund.

2. Child Care System: The government of Canada provides a tax-free monthly payment to eligible families to help them with the cost of raising children still under 18 years of age. The exact amount is determined by the annual income of parents.

3. Low crime rates: Though various cities have their own troubling nooks and corners that people will want to avoid like the plague, in general, Canada is a very low crime country.

4. Fine natural resources: Canada has a very large Parks Canada Agency which ensures that all parks, Tourist centres and Natural resources are well managed. Clean air and clean water is something that most Canadians take for granted.

5. Standard of living: Although salary packages in general are not really very high, and cost of living is not really very low, still Canadians enjoy a fairly comfortable standard of living.

6. Flexible International Travel: A Canadian passport gives you access to visa-free travel to 170 countries. Just book your tickets and get on board.

7. Facilities for The Elderly and Disabled: In any Canadian province, you do not get used to seeing so many elderly people on the streets or the transit system. The streets, buses, trains, buildings, everything is made accessible to the elderly or the disabled. You just don’t have to worry if one of your parents or wheelchair bound kid or family member is out for a chore. In Toronto, TTC-Wheel Trans provides door-to-door pickup and drop services for the disabled.

8. Free Public Education: The Canadian government ensures that most part of a child’s early education is publicly funded. Even Canadian foreign graduates enjoy flexible work in Canada programs. You might want to make inquiries into: Tax payers’ contribution and get a full view.

9. Less Corruption: Though you might have read about corruption in the higher ranks, favors extended towards legal tenders,and among others. However, you will most probably never face any of it personally. Just walk in to an office, submit the required documents and wait for the given time. You do not need to bribe anyone, nor do you need to know people behind the desk to get your work done.

10. Family Reunion or Sponsorship: Canada gives opportunity for peole who like to reunite with their family. Currently, you can apply for a 10 year multiple entry supervisa for your parents and grandparents. You can also apply for a PR for your parents and grandparents. Starting from June 6th 2017, the Express Entry program will award 15 points for having siblings in Canada.

11. Access to world cuisine: My spouse and I love food and hope to try every possible cuisine known to man. After coming to Canada, we were exposed to real wonderful food from all over the world. There are also Malls for African stuffs. Toronto hosts food festivals all through the summer and it is a delight to meet, greet and dine with such multicultural audience.


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