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Why Students Should Learn English At Dalhousie University

English is not only the world’s language of business, but it’s also the world’s lingua franca. Dalhousie University has been offering international students English Language preparation classes for academic purposes.

Current estimates are that about twenty (20) per cent of the world’s population speak English, while many of the world’s top varsities are also English-speaking. To truly remain competitive in a progressively globalized world, students will need to be proficient in their command of the English language. Studying at schools where English is the language of instruction is the perfect way to achieve both academic success and proficiency in the English language for a future career.

Dalhousie University offers English Language preparation for international students – namely, the Summer English in Canada program and the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Programs – these help students learn to converse in English.

Dalhousie University is located in Halifax, Canada – a multicultural community in a country where people welcome diversity. The prospect of studying English on Canada’s east coast is appealing to prospective international students; here, you can study and live by the ocean and enjoy an affordable cost of living than the costs in Canada’s bigger cities like Toronto or Vancouver.

The University boasts a culturally diverse student body with over 4,000 international students from over 115 countries of the world. Its distinguished academic programs are spread across four campuses, while the university’s membership in the U15 solidifies its status as one of the country’s leading research universities. Dalhousie is a comprehensive university with a wide variety of academic programs, from ocean science to health and to business and computer science.

With Dalhousie’s remarkable reputation, learning English in Halifax makes perfect sense.

Here are the top five reasons to study English at Dalhousie University:

1. The EAP (English for Academic Purposes) program is devised for students who value academic success

Dalhousie’s EAP Program is full-time and in-depth, preparing students to meet their English language requirements. Students study for three (3) to twelve (12) months to improve their academic speaking, reading, writing and listening skills, all the while soaking themselves in Canadian culture in the lively city of Halifax.

2. Learn from highly qualified instructors

Dalhousie’s instructors are highly qualified and have Master’s and PhDs. Courses train students the academic English skills they will need upon entering their degree programmes.

3. One of the world’s most global universities

Dalhousie prides itself on its global networks, which enhance the standard and impact of education and research at local, national and international levels. Main areas of internationalization include intensifying strategic international partnerships worldwide, supporting student mobility for studying abroad or at Dalhousie, and recruiting students faculty and staffs from around the world.

4. Halifax is known for its friendliness

Despite being not a large city, Halifax is home to big-city amenities and stands among Canada’s most welcoming cities (a Rough Guides survey labeled Halifax Canada’s friendliest city). There are numerous indoor and outdoor attractions to accommodate varied interests. Shoppers can go to boutiques and waterfront shops, try various restaurants and go to bars trip , visit museums, go paddleboarding or boating, attend jazz festivals, among many other activities. Halifax has it all, ensuring the student gets the best of positive experiences.

5. International Students don’t need to take the IELTS

EAP, which is conducted throughout the year, also meet the language proficiency requirement for entry into Dalhousie’s Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral programs, saving students the stress (and time) of taking their TOEFL or IELTS.

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