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Why You Should Hire A Canadian Immigration Lawyer

Immigrating to Canada can be a long hectic step that will require that you dot the i’s and cross the t’s. You will need to make different documentation and ensure that your application is submitted before the deadline. All this you can do on your own but you are far on the safe side when you choose to hire a Canadian immigration lawyer.

Basically, hiring an immigration lawyer is definitely not compulsory. You can decide to carry out your immigration process yourself- there is no penalty for it. However, you can hire a lawyer to give a touch of professionalism to your application.

Over time, many prospective immigrants have lost their chances of Immigrating to Canada due to one reason or the other. Their refusal is usually a result of not submitting before the deadline, not meeting the minimum requirements for immigration, or forgetting to document a process.

Why take a risk when you can hire someone perfect for the job? In this article, we have explained why you should hire a Canadian immigration lawyer, and consider them as an investment in your immigration process.

Who is a Canadian immigration lawyer?

A Canadian immigration lawyer is an expert of law whose job is to provide strategic and realistic services and advice to clients about immigration to Canada. They majorly start with the responsibility of helping clients on issues that has to do with living, immigrating, or settling down in Canada, and are dedicated to doing it right!

As it has been stated earlier, getting the service of a Canadian immigration lawyer is not compulsory but it is necessary. Immigration to Canada requires strength and willingness to face the long and great deal of bureaucratic obstacles, policy-necessary consideration, and lots of paperwork.

You can decide to go on with the application yourself, but you will have to be a specialist in the documentation and meeting up with deadlines. However, if you get the service of an immigration lawyer your application is near successful because the documentation and forms will be on time.

What does a Canadian immigration lawyer do?

A Canadian immigration lawyer is an expert that will ensure that they address any necessary issues that arise as well as prevent problems before they occur. They offer a lot of immigration services such as

And lot more!

Why You Should Hire A Canadian Immigration Lawyer

Note that hiring a Canadian immigration lawyer does not in any way give your application the tendency of approval or attention. However, there are many reasons why you should hire a Canadian immigration lawyer. Some of the important reasons include

  • They are knowledgeable
  • Their services are affordable
  • Your application will not exceed the deadlines
  • A better chance to succeed
  • You will enjoy your convenience
  • You’re applying through a provincial nominee program
  • If you have q medical condition
  • If you have a record of crime
  • You’ve previously suffered refusal

#1. They are knowledgeable

Applications are often easy when you get the assistance of a professional who has been in the system for a long time. Without a doubt, you will face complicated legal procedures when you are trying to apply to immigrate. This is because the process is usually overwhelming when you are not familiar with Canadian immigration laws.

Hence, we advise that you don’t take the costly risk of having to lose your application to ignorance. Get an expert lawyer who will make your application easy and without stress

#2. Their services are affordable

You must be writing off a Canadian immigration lawyer out of your budget because of the few dollars you will spend. However, the good news is that many outstanding immigration law firms offer affordable rates and will give you general support. You will enjoy the services they offer while they produce the best legal service for you.

If you’re worried that you will get scammed by some false immigration lawyers, you can ask about their company online and look out for their experience with the Canadian immigration process. Likewise, you can speak to people who have used them and find out if they are part of any professional associations in Canada. All this will assist you in making a better decision on the immigration lawyer to hire.

#3. Your application will not exceed the deadlines

The major function of the Canadian immigration lawyer, and why you will need to hire them is to support you and to ensure that your documentation is correct, present, and handed to the immigration office on time. You can easily overlook requirements for your application if you do this on your own, but getting a lawyer to fix it will save you from the risk of jeopardizing your chance of moving to Canada

#4. A better chance to succeed

Note that hiring a Canadian immigration lawyer does not ascertain that your application will succeed, however hiring one will give you the best chance of success. You do not have to bother about the deadline date or submitting a document, your lawyer will fix all

#5. You will enjoy your convenience

If you are that person without the luxury of time to arrange and submit needed immigration forms, you should seek the service of a Canadian immigration lawyer. Hiring a lawyer will give you the time to fix important things like your family, studies, or work.

Although, when you are about to start your application for the first time you are likely to fill out many immigration forms. But with the help of your lawyer, you will gain the necessary assistance on every single question. Also, your lawyer will help you with the documents you need to compile and place you in the right direction.

And yes!, Applying for immigration does not only have to do with filling out forms you will need the knowledge of an expert to get some things right and make some decisions.

#6. You’re applying through a provincial nominee program

First of all, the Provincial nominee program is a program that is specific to the provinces in Canada. You will have to be in the Express Entry pool and satisfy the province-specific criteria. Having met the requirements for immigration to the province you choose, you may be invited to apply for permanent residence.

This is a long and strenuous pathway that can wear you out if you do not hire a Canadian immigration lawyer. Also, the procedure and requirements can change at any time and you will be needing a lawyer to track the potential modifications for you.

Not only is the provincial Nominee program bewildering, but some immigration programs require the knowledge of an expert. Can you see why you should hire a Canadian immigration lawyer?

#7. If you have a medical condition

One of the prerequisites and documents you need to submit for Canadian immigration is a medical fitness report. This medical fitness report will ascertain that you are healthy enough to withstand a change in environment. And your presence will not pose danger to the public health of Canadian citizens.

So, in the case whereby you have a medical condition that you need to communicate you can talk to your lawyer (although are not a medical practitioner) but they can help in assessing your admissibility based on your medical report and the information you provide.

#8. If you have a record of crime

Well, it is not until you commit murder or rob a bank before IRCC will count you inadmissible for immigration due to a petty criminal offense. Crimes such as theft or dangerous driving can pose a problem to your immigration. The good news is that you can overcome your criminal conviction and be admissible to Canada only if you can hire a lawyer.

Your lawyer will use knowledge and experience to help you from your criminal conviction and ensure that your past does not pose a threat to your immigration.

#9. You’ve previously suffered refusal

This is probably the major reason why you should consider hiring a Canadian immigration lawyer. On the first try or second try where your application has been refused, and you get a letter from IRCC outlining why your application cannot be accepted, it is almost time to seek the help of a lawyer.

Oftentimes, rejection is a result of inaccurate documentation, incomplete documentation, or some other reason. No matter what the case could be, you might not want to make the same mistake over again. So, you should hire a Canadian immigration lawyer to help you fix all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth it to hire an immigration lawyer?

Yes, it is. An immigration process can be stressful, complex, and demanding, and you might be needing an expert to help you out with immigration questions and processes.

How much does an immigration lawyer make in Canada?

Basically, an immigration lawyer will earn about $55,000 to $65,000 in a year

Is it possible to speed up the Immigration process in Canada?

Your immigration process will get better and faster if you include all information you need, and make sure that you have clear photocopies of all your documents for documentation


While hiring an immigration lawyer is in no way compulsory, it is very advisable to hire one. So, we hope you see the reasons why you should hire a Canadian immigration lawyer for your Immigration process

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