Why Your SINP Application Got Rejected – Fix it

It’s disheartening to see your SINP application rejected! But, it is not an uncommon thing. It happens sometimes. There are a number of different reasons why your application may get rejected, and in such a situation, you may be wondering what are the possible things that you can do.

First of all, you should try to stay calm, positive, and composed. You can start by evaluating the reason for your visa rejection.

After gaining your composure and deciding on the next important steps, you have two basic steps and out of which one is to reapply for Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) and then be anxious whether they will approve this time or decline it?

To avoid denial for the second time, it’s advisable to know the real reasons for your visa getting rejected and try to concentrate on those particular aspects to avoid any other kind of disappointment.

This time, you must prepare your immigration file in the proper manner to avoid any disappointments. Although, the reason for accepting and denial of SINP visa is solely taken by The Saskatchewan Immigration Department. You can get some insight on the reasons for rejecting your SINP application below.

SINP Application Got Rejected- What You Should Do Next?

Your SINP application may be rejected for various reasons. The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nomination Program does not normally table down why your application is rejected, they only provide generic reasons. That does not mean that you may not know the reason for the rejection of your application. It may be because you failed the integrity review above or that you don’t meet the requirements. Whatever their reasons may be, there are solutions to the problem.

Here are the possible available options you may try if your Canadian Visa got rejected.

Basically, there are two ways, one is to review and the other is reapplying.

Reviewing Reasons for Rejection – SINP

First, you will have to review the reasons SINP rejected your application in the first place. If you are able to understand the reason, then, you can avoid them whenever you want to reapply. To get the reasons, see the reasons above to know why your application may be rejected.

In case you want a review for the SINP application, that must be done under six months. After six months, you cannot review or extend your SINP application again

  • If your application was ineligible by the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) and you wish to review your application due to an error made in the application process, or in the assessment of the application based on the requirements at the time of application, you may request for a secondary review. But, to require for review, you have Forty-Five (45) days from the date SINP issued the ineligible letter.
  • Secondly, the secondary review appeal has to be done through mail, and later if the decision is still upheld after the secondary review, the file may be closed

Reapplying for Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program

Another option you may have after your SINP application has been rejected is to apply for a new Saskatchewan Immigrant Nomination Program.

  • You may reapply to the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) only after the reasons for the ineligible decision have been resolved.
  • Endeavor to submit the supporting documents that are necessary for all areas with the new SINP application.
  • The resubmitted application will be subject to the same procedures and processing times as all other previous applications.

We always advise our readers not to immediately start away with the new application process unless and until there is some major improvement in terms of providing new supporting documents, as well as in the financial, family, or economic situation.

Other Reasons Why Your SINP Application May Be Rejected

Your SINP application may be rejected for many reasons and it is necessary that you know the particular reason why it was rejected and then know what to do the next time when you reapply.

Your application may be rejected if you fail the integrity review of the program. If there is any reason to believe that an applicant or their representative has provided a false application in an application, the Program Integrity Unit (PIU) will likely undertake an investigation on the candidate.

Other reasons leading to review may include:

  • false declaration
  • fraudulent documents
  • misleading information
  • missing an important information
  • abuse of the program
  • contravening federal and provincial laws and policies related to the program.

Investigation can take place at any time during the SINP process and it may include reviewing all of the applicant’s information both in current and previous applications.

During this investigation, the SINP application process will be on hold till a decision is made.

Withdrawal Of SINP Nomination Certificate

Your application for SINP may be withdrawn under the following circumstances:

  • if IRCC receives information that your application has misrepresentations or fraud
  • if circumstances have changed after your nomination and you no longer qualify for the program
  • if you or your representative (if applicable) decides to withdraw your nomination or you have been approved for Canada permanent residence through other programs other than SINP

If after investigation and your withdrawal is warranted based on the above conditions, then IRCC’s refusal of your application will be upheld.

You will receive an e-mail from either SINP or IRCC to inform you of the decision to uphold your withdrawal. This has its own punishment, you may be suspended from using the SINP for five years in addition to denying you your permanent residence.

What Next After SINP Application Rejection For The Second Time?

If you are rejected for the second time or suspended from using SINP for Canada PR, you don’t have to lose hope because there are other programs for permanent residence that you may qualify for.

Apart from Saskatchewan Immigrant Program, you can still qualify for other Provincial Nomination Programs which can also offer you Canadian Permanent Residence.

If you don’t wish to apply under the provincial programs you can choose from the range of federal programs available for you. Some of the available programs include

You can choose from any of the above programs if you find it difficult to get your permanent residence through the SINP.

What Is Saskatchewan Immigrant Nomination Program (SINP)?

SINP means Saskatchewan Immigrant Nomination Program. It offers candidates a way to immigrate to Canada. It is one of the Provincial Nomination Program under the province of Saskatchewan. Through this program, the province of Saskatchewan

  • invites non-Canadian candidates who want to make Saskatchewan their home/permanent residence
  • nominates successful candidates for  Canada permanent residence

Categories Under Saskatchewan Immigrant Nomination Program

As an International Skilled Worker who wants to apply under SINP, there are three subcategories available for you to choose from.

1. International Skilled Workers: Employment Offer:

This subcategory is for skilled workers who

  • have a skilled job offer in Saskatchewan
  • who are living abroad or in Canada
  • meet the criteria of the subcategory.

2. International Skilled Worker: Occupation In-Demand

This is for skilled workers who

  • who has no job offer in Saskatchewan but have an in-demand skill
  • who live abroad or in Canada
  • meet the eligibility criteria

3. International Skilled Worker: Saskatchewan Express Entry

The subcategory is for skilled workers who

  • do not have a job offer in Saskatchewan
  • who are living abroad or in Canada
  • are in the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (  IRCC) Express Entry pool
  • meet the eligibility criteria.