Working Holiday Visa For Canada 2019

Are you interested in a working holiday in Canada for 2019? Let’s find out about International Experience Canada Working Holiday work permits (often known as a Working Holiday Visa in Canada) on this page. The Working Holiday Visa enables you to fund your holiday with temporary work in Canada. This option is very common with young adults who are traveling and working in Canada to fund their travels. Thus, the type of work permit you obtain for Working Holiday is an open work permit.

An open work permit is a visa program that permit a person to work for any employer in Canada. The permit is valid for either 12 or 24 months, depending on your country of origin. Applicants have to first create a profile, which informs the Canadian authorities of their request to obtain a working holiday visa in Canada. Successful applicants will receive an invitation to formally complete their application process for a work permit, but this success is determine by their eligibility and availability.

Who Can Apply for the Working Holiday Visa?

The Working Holiday Visa are for those:

  • Candidates who don’t have a job offer yet
  • Candidates who wish to work for more than one employer in Canada
  • Candidates who want to work in more than one location
  • Candidates who like to earn some money so that they can travel

The following countries grant permit for the Working Holiday Visa for their citizens. Each country has a particular age eligibility and maximum validity.

  • Austria: Age 18-30, 12 months
  • Croatia: Age 18-35, 12 months
  • Australia: Age 18-20, 24 months
  • Czech Republic: Age 18-35, 12 months
  • Denmark: Age 18-35, 12 months
  • Estonia: Age 18-35, 12 months
  • France: Age 18-35, 24 months
  • Germany: Age 18-35, 12 months
  • Belgium: Age 18-30, 12 months
  • Chile: Age 18-35, 12 months
  • Costa Rica: Age 18-35, 12 months
  • Greece: Age 18-35, 12 months
  • Spain: Age 18-35, 12 months
  • Sweden: Age 18-30, 12 months
  • Taiwan: Age 18-35, 12 months
  • United Kingdom: Age 18-30, 24 months
  • Japan: Age 18-30, 12 months
  • Latvia:Age 18-35, 12 months
  • Lithuania: Age 18-35, 12 months
  • Hong Kong: Age 18-30, 12 months
  • Ireland: Age 18-35, 24 months
  • Netherlands: Age 18-30, 12 months
  • Portugal: Age 18-35, 24 months
  • San Marino: Age 18-35, 12 months
  • Slovaki: Age 18-35, 12 months
  • Slovenia: Age 18-35, 12 months
  • South Korea: Age 18-30, 12 months
  • New Zealand: Age 18-35, 23 months
  • Norway: Age 18-35, 12 months
  • Poland: Age 18-35, 12 months
  • Italy: Age 18-35, 6 months, may also apply for another 6 months as visitor

Eligibility Requirements for Working Holiday Visa

There is a set of eligibility requirements for candidates from countries that are qualified under the Working Holiday Visa in Canada.

  • Candidate have to be a citizen from one of the countries listed above.
  • Candidate must have a valid passport throughout your stay in Canada
  • Candidates must be between the age requirement for their country.
  • Candidate must have the equivalent of $2,500 CAD to fund initial expenses.
  • Candidate must be admissible to Canada under Immigration regulations.
  • Candidate must not be accompanied by any dependants.
  • Candidate must pay the application fees.
  • Candidate must have a round-trip ticket or financial ability to purchase a departure ticket out of Canada.

How To Apply For The Working Holiday Visa

You must first create a profile on the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website.

Draws take place at “regular intervals”, where applicants are picked at random to receive an invitation to file in for a work permit, until all places are filled for the year.

But, your sure bet is to become a candidate as early as possible for a working holiday visa in Canada, as this IEC streams is particularly popular. This will open you to a greater number of these draws.

You may be required to enter one or more ‘pools’ as decided by country and work permit category. ‘Australia: Working Holiday’ and ‘Ireland: Young Professionals’ are good examples of pools.

The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is committed to giving at least five (5) days prior notice for each country’s and category’s final rounds of invitations, which will mark the closure of that pool for the season.

That’s how to become a candidate, and obtain an invitation to apply for a working holiday visa in Canada.