Working in Quebec with a Quebec Selection Certificate

People who have obtained a valid certificat de sélection du Québec/Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) can work in Quebec without necessarily getting a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) for the position.

These skilled workers may submit an application to renew or extend their work authorization in Quebec.

Through a federal government agreement, Quebec permits some of the foreign nationals it has selected under its economic immigration categories, most especially the Skilled Worker Program and the Quebec Experience Class who are holders of a valid work permit and are currently residing in the province of Quebec, to be able to have their work approvals extended with their current employer or renewed by a new employer without having to possess a LMIA. There is no restriction on the occupation skill level of the position being accessible to a CSQ holder.

Persons who are holding a valid CSQ under one of these programs and are presently residing in Quebec must fall into one of these following categories:

  • applicants seeking to extend their work permit for their current employer or renew it with a new employer in the province of Quebec;
  • applicants seeking a work permit with a new employer in the province of Quebec;
  • foreign students who has secured a post-graduation work permit and has an offer of employment in the province of Quebec; or
  • work permit holders through participation in one of the following programs under the International Experience Canada (IEC) program:
    • Working Holiday,
    • 18-month Young Professionals Co-op, or
    • International Co-op (Internship).

Please note:

  • The applicant must currently be a resident of Quebec.
  • The work permit is valid for the period of the job offer and cannot exceed two years. This time limit should make for the applicant enough time to submit an application for permanent residence before the work permit expires.
  • The application must include copies of the valid CSQ and the job offer to work in Quebec. The CSQ must indicate one of the following codes in section 9, Catégorie: “IQ – Travailleurs qualifiés”, “IP – Travailleurs”, “IT – Travailleurs qualifiés”, “IZ – PEQ Travailleurs”, “IY – PEQ Étudiants”, or “I6 Travailleurs Art.40”.
  • Only employer-specific work permits are to be issued (no open work permits).
  • Spouses or common-law partners who are accompanying the principal applicant and who are currently in Canada are entitled to apply for an open work permit for the duration of the principal applicant’s work permit, irrespective of the skill or level of the principal applicant’s occupation.

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