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What Happens If My Visa Expires In Canada?

We were asked this question: What happens if I overstayed my visa in Canada? or My visa expires? I’m still in the country? What do I have to do next?

Well, it’s a very common occurrence and quite unfortunate! For many reasons a person’s visa expires i.e visitor visa, work permit, or study permit, expires and you continue staying in Canada, that could put you in some serious problems with the Canadian immigration authorities.

Usually, If your visa expires, you will have 90 days window of opportunity to either leave Canada from the date it expired or apply for a new visa within 14 days of your old one expires.

You will, however, need to prove you had a very valid or genuine reason for not renewing or extending your old visa in time – so it’s advisable to renew in time if you still can.

What Happens if my Visa status expires in Canada?

If your visa status expires, for instance, if you are on a visitor’s status or even a study permit or and you realize that your status has expired. Do I have to leave?” that may not necessarily. You can still apply for an extension of visa status or a reinstatement depending upon the date of your document.

For example, if your study permit expired about a month ago, and you just did not realize it, there’s a way where you can apply for a reinstatement of your study permit visa so long as it’s within Ninety (90) days. If, however, it’s beyond Ninety (90) days, that will pose a real problem as you may not be able to get a reinstatement and you may have to leave the country immediately.

Reinstatement of Your Visa Status

If you apply for reinstatement, it can either be approved or declined. You may have to pay a special fee if your application is approved, you can continue staying in Canada. If it’s not approved, normally you are required to leave Canada and may reapply for reentry from outside the borders.

The first thing you should always be mindful about is knowing when your visa status expires. Put it in your diary; make sure you are notified.

Never rely on the government to inform you. It’s not the government’s job and they are never going to say, “Hey, Mr. Peter, your study permit will expire any moment soon. You did better apply for another one.” It’s your responsibility to remind yourself.

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