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Yemeni Embassy in Canada – Top 4 Services

Yemeni embassy in Canada provides lots of essential services to ensure peaceful and harmonious living of Yemenis in Canada.

In case you are wondering how the bilateral ties between Yemen and Canada are handle efficiently, Yemeni embassy is responsible. This is because the Yemeni embassy represents Yemen government in Canada just like Canadian embassy represents Canadian government in Yemen.

Additionally, Yemenis in Canada enjoy services like birth, death and marriage registration certificate through the Yemeni embassy in Canada.

Certainly, addresses of the Yemeni embassy and it consulates will be reveal in this article aside the top five services.

Furthermore, this article will make available brief history about Yemen, so Canadians planning to immigrate there will be informed. So let take it from what an embassy is then brief history about the Yemen and few facts about Yemenis.

What is an Embassy?

An embassy is simply an official building where the activities of a foreign government are carried in the host country. It is usually the first point of call in relaying information and communication between two countries.

In Canada most foreign countries have their embassy headquarter located in Ottawa in the Ontario province of Canada. Some countries do have a consulate in Canada provinces for efficient service delivery but the population size determines that.

Interestingly, Yemeni embassy in Canada is among 647 foreign representations in Canada and one of 139 foreign representations in Ottawa.

The embassy is mostly headed by an Ambassador so the current Yemeni embassy head is Ambassador Jamal Abdullah Yahya Al-Sallal. The head o mission in the Montreal Consulate is Mr Shirish Suchak. So an embassy can be headed by an ambassador or high commissioner.

About Yemen

Yemen is a country found in the Asian Continent, precisely in Western Asia, on the southern end of Arabian Peninsula. It borders Saudi Arabia to the north, Oman to the northeast and shares maritime borders with Eritrea, Djibouti, and Somalia.

It is officially called the republic of Yemen with it capital in Sana’a which is the largest city in Yemen. The official language is Arabic; it was established in 1918 and got independent in 1967.

It is an Islamic country with 99% of the citizens practicing Islam, Christianity, Hinduism and others share 1%.

The country’s population in year 2021 is 30, 491,000, making it the second largest Arab sovereign state in the peninsula.

However, about 85% of the population needs serious humanitarian aids because Yemen is the second worst in Global Hunger Index. So the economy is not vibrant and there is high tendency of crisis in the country.

Few facts about the republic of Yemen

These attributes listed below are attached to only the republic of Yemen and her citizens.

  • Caffè Mocha Derives Its Name From Yemen.
  • The World’s Oldest Skyscraper City is located in Yemen.
  • Chewing The Narcotic Khat-plant Is Part of Yemeni Culture.
  • Yemen’s Silversmiths Were World Famous In The Past.
  • Much earlier, the republic of Yemen Was Known As The “Happy Land”

Yemeni Embassy in Canada Contact Details

Find below all the necessary contact details of the Yemeni embassy in Canada and it consulate.

Address (es) of Yemeni Embassy in Canada

Address54 Chamberlain Avenue

Ottawa, ON K1S 1V9


Telephone: (+1) 613 729 6627

Fax: (+1) 613 729 8915

Email: [email protected]


Office hours: By appointment

Head of mission:  Ambassador (Mr) Jamal Abdullah Yahya Al-Sallal.

Yemeni consular address in Montreal, Canada

Address1240 Drummond Street, # M103

Montréal, QC H3G 1V7


Telephone: (+1) 514 875 3333

Fax: (+1) 514 875 8716

[email protected]

Office hours: By appointment

Head of mission: Mr Shirish Suchak.

Addresses of Canadian Consular in Yemen


Building 4, Street 11 off Haddah Road

P.O. Box 340



Phone: +967-1-208-814

Fax: +967-1-209-523

Email: [email protected]

Working Hours

The Yemeni embassy in Canada work from Monday to Friday: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM (EST) except on Canadian and Yemeni public Holidays.

Yemeni Embassy holidays

The Yemenis embassy in Canada ensures that all holidays observed in Yemen are observed by the Yemenis living in Canada. The Canadian holidays are not also exempted so the embassy is usually closed in the days listed below:

Yemen Holidays

  • Eid al-Fitr (1st and 2nd day of Eid Al Fitr)*
  • National Day (May 22)
  • Eid al-Adha (1st and 2nd day of Eid Al Adha)*

Canadian Holidays:

  • New Years Eve (Dec 31) Open 9am to noon
  • New Year (Jan 01)
  • Family Day (3rd Monday of Feb)
  • Good Friday(Friday before Easter Sunday)**
  • Easter Monday (Monday following Easter Sunday)**
  • Victoria Day (Monday before May 25)
  • Canada Day (Jul 01)
  • Civic (first Monday of August)
  • Labor Day (first Monday of Sep)
  • Thanksgiving Day (2nd Monday of Oct)
  • Remembrance Day (Nov 11)
  • Christmas (Dec 25)
  • Boxing Day (Dec 26)

Top four (5) services provided by the Yemenis Embassy in Canada

Fundamentally, Yemeni embassy in Canada offers above four services to Yemenis and Canadians but this article will focus on top four services. The top four services include:

  • Visa services
  • Passport services
  • Legalization of documents
  • Citizenship services

Visa services

The embassy offers services to Canadians intending to visit Yemen to obtain their visa within 15 working days. Diplomatic visa are free but the requirement or other visa are stated below:

Visa requirements

  • Application form must be filled completely, and signed; you are to include your telephone number and e-mail address.
  • Photocopy of pages 2 & 3 of your passport, don’t send original but photocopies. This must be valid for at least 6 (six) months from the date of submitting the application.
  • TWO passport-size photographs to be attached to the application.
  • A prepaid courier slip and a self addressed envelope are required for the return of the passport.
  • A covering letter from a registered company based in Canada indicating in detail the purpose of the applicant’s visit. The company stamp or seal should be affixed to the letter; this requirement is strictly for Business Visa.

Mailing procedures for all visas

Most importantly, you are to follow and provide all the requirements stated below to ensure smooth delivery of your Visa.

  • Please provide a Prepaid Waybill for one of the following suggested companies: FedEx, Purolator, UPS, DHL or Express post.
  • A return envelope must be enclosed. Clearly print your name, address, phone number and courier account number.

Notably, application fee is not stated so you may need to call the Embassy at 613-729-6627 Ext 21 for details. Also, the Yemeni Embassy reserves the right to refuse issue of a visa, or request additional information, at its discretion

Passport services

The Yemeni embassy in Canada offer passport services to Yemenis in Canada. In case you are wondering on how to apply for passport at Yemeni Embassy in Canada, here are the steps below:

  • Fill out the “Passport Application Form” for requesting the issuance of the passport and write the Request for extension.
  • Original passport
  • Copy of the passport
  • Passport photo
  • Prepaid return envelope (if required).

However, the Yemeni Embassy now offers a two-year extension of expired Yemeni passports to its citizens who reside in Canada. The application fee will be revealed when put a call to the embassy at 613-729-6627 Ext 21.

Legalization of documents

The Yemeni Embassy in Canada also offers legalization services like authentication and certification. Find below some of the legalization services:

  • Authentication of signatures on power of attorneys or contracts certified by the hosting country where the accredited mission is located.
  • Authentication and certification of signatures of Yemeni citizens on documents intended for submission to authorities in Yemen and Canada.
  • Authentication and certification of invoices issued for commercial purposes.
  • Authentication of certificates of origin. Fee paid for each copy.

Note the fee for these services are not stated but contacting the embassy on 613-729-6627 will provide you answer.

Citizenship services

Indeed, the Yemen embassy in Canada provides services related to citizenship information and registration processes. Services in this regards are naturalization, foreign birth registration, reclaiming citizenship, as well as renouncing citizenship.

You are truly eligible to become a Yemeni citizen via naturalization provided your spouse or civil partner is a citizen of Yemen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get job in Yemeni Embassy in Canada?

It is possible get job in Yemeni embassy in Canada while you are in Canada, you will need to check mostly online when they publish vacancies. Ensure you have all relevant documents like your passport, Canada work permit and others.

Do I need visa to visit Canada as a Yemenis?

Yes you need to apply for Canadian visa from the Embassy of Canada in Yemen, the address is stated above.

Does Yemen have embassy in all Countries?     

Nope, the country currently has 49 embassies and 9 consulates across the entire world.


Conclusively, the Yemenis embassy in Canada and it consulates are efficient with the services they provide. The information provided is recent, when fully utilize you won’t find it difficult to get the needed help from the embassy.

Endeavour to share this information with friends and families, very likely some might it helpful.

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