Yugoslav Embassy in Canada – Citizen Services

Are you in search for services offered by the embassy of Yugoslavia in Canada? If yes, here is a guide for you.

The Yugoslav embassy in Canada normally provides consular services to citizens of Yugoslavia because Yugoslavia no longer exists.

Luckily, the Serbians or Yugoslavs living in Canada don’t need to travel to other country for consular services. This is because there is embassy in Ottawa precisely with consulates in three provinces of Canada to serve the citizens.

Interestingly, the Serbians or Yugoslavs living in Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia provinces don’t necessarily need to travel to Ottawa. The consulates will provide them most of the services they need likewise the Canadians in need of the country’s service.

Certainly, details like contact address, brief history about Yugoslavia, meaning of embassy and how to apply for passport will be discussed.

What is an Embassy?

An embassy is an administrative building where bilateral activities, consular services and business discussions are run by a visiting country.

An ambassador or high commissioner heads an embassy; he must understand and communicate fluently in the host country’s official language.

In most cases you will find the embassy located in the host country’s capital then consulates located in top cities.

About Yugoslavia 

Yugoslavia was established in 1918 after the World War II by a merger of State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs. It was located between southeast and central Europe, on 6th April 1941 Yugoslavia was invaded by the Axis powers. In 1943, a Democratic Federal Yugoslavia was proclaimed by the Partisan resistance but renamed Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia in 1946. In 1963, the country was renamed again, as the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY).

The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was officially renamed Serbia and Montenegro in 2003. In June 2006, Montenegro became an independent nation after the results of a May 2006 referendum. So currently Yugoslavia and its merger states don’t exist as country but into republic of Serbia and republic of Kosovo.

So for the purpose services to citizens of the old Yugoslavia, the republic of Serbia in Canada provides consular services.

Serbia has a population of about 7 million people, it is located in Europe continent with it capital in Belgrade. Belgrade is the largest city in the country; the country’s currency is Serbian dinar, Christianity is the major religion.

Address (es) of Yugoslav/Serbian Embassy in Canada



21 Blackburn Avenue

Ottawa, ON, K1N 8A2


+1 (613) 233-6289, 233-6280


+1 (613) 233-7850

Consulates Addresses in Canada

British Columbia province

Mr. Peter Vladikovic

Honorary Consul of the Republic of Serbia in Vancouver, British Columbia


7411 Vantage Way-Delta

Vancouver, BC, V4G 1C9


Phone: +1 (604) 940-3038

Fax. +1 (604) 946-5418

Cell. +1 (604) 220-1105

E-mail: [email protected]

website: http://serbianconsulate.bc.ca

 Quebec province

Mrs. Marina Gavanski Zissis

Honorary Consul of the Republic of Serbia in Montreal, Quebec

302-3713 St. Laurence Blvd.

Montreal, QC, H2X 2V7


Phone: +1 (514) 288-4375

E-mail: [email protected]

Alberta Province

Mrs. Milica Prtilo-Opacic

Honorary Consul of the Republic of Serbia in Calgary, Alberta

1330 Shannon Avenue SW

Calgary, AL, T2Y 4L6


Cell: +1 (403) 852-8806

Email: [email protected]b.ca

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.serbianconsulate-ab.ca

Working hours and days of the Embassy

Monday – Friday:  9:00 – 16:00


[email protected]

Working hours of the Consular Section

(Working with clients)

Monday – Friday:  10:00 – 14:00

Addresses of Canadian Consular in Yugoslavia/Serbia

Street and Mailing address:

Kneza Milosa 75

Belgrade 111711


Tel.: (381-11) 306-3000

Fax: (381-11) 306-3042

E-mail: [email protected]

Top 4 Services Provided by Yugoslav/Serbian Embassy in Canada

These are the top four services provided to the citizens by the Serbian embassy in Canada.

  • Issuance of biometric Passport
  • Issuance of the emergency travel documents to return to Serbia
  • Document Legalization
  • Visa services

Issuance of biometric Passport

On how to apply for Yugoslav or Serbian passport, the embassy request that you:

  1. Download the application form and fill out all relevant sections in it then get it signed.
  2. Attach relevant documents like proof of your legal stay in Canada (work permit or others), recent Serbian birth certificate. Also proof of Serbian citizenship, home address, with one self-addressed prepaid envelope which contains tracking number (shipping by mail service).
  3. You make payment of Consular fee of CAD$99 via debit card.


  • If you are renewing your passport you will have to provide the old one but relevant documents aren’t necessary.
  • If your passport has expired more than six months you will need to pay to CAD$ 114.
  • If you are applying for a new passport, it is necessary to apply in person. Also when applying for a child, the presence of a child is also necessary.

Issuance of the emergency travel documents to return to Serbia

In a situation a Serbian citizen wish to travel to Serbia from Canada but the passport has expired or lost. The embassy of Serbia will issue emergency travel document which is valid for 60 days from the date of issued.

The request for the issuance of a travel document may be submitted in person or by mail.

Find below required documents and the consular fee:

  • Means of identification issued by the Serbia government like identity card, Driver’s license or expired biometric passport.
  • Two identical photographs size 3.5 x 4.5 cm that accurately reflects the image (taken from the front – not profile or semi-profile – without a hat or a scarf)
  • Self-addressed return envelope with prepaid postage affixed, approximate date of your travel and a contact number. If request is submitted online or via mail.
  • Consular fee of 65 CAD must be paid.


If you don’t have any document issued by the Republic of Serbia, Canadian identification document will be accepted.

Minors under 18 years of age will need the presence of both parents or the written consent of a parent which is not available. This in addition to the above documents requested. If the request is being submitted by mail, the signatures of both parents must be certified by a Notary Public.

Also as holder of travel document of the Republic of Serbia it is advisable to check before buying return ticket. If the country requires a transit visa or not, this is important so don’t face challenge while returning to the country.

Legalization of Document

The embassy of Serbia provides services in the aspect of legalizing documents like Inheritance Statement and Power of Attorney. However these documents should be signed before a Canadian Notary Public. You then legalize it at the Global Affairs of Canada and finally at the Serbia Embassy in Canada.

Most importantly you need to take note of the following conditions:

  • If your document is in Serbian language, you should sign it before a Notary Public Office. Then he will legalize it with his signature and stamp.
  • Your document should be translated into English/French language and certified by the Canadian official translator for Serbian language. The Notary Public can also translate if he speaks and understands Serbian language, to certify the accuracy of the translation.
  • The original document and its translation should be sent to Global Affairs of Canada, to the Department JLAC.
  • The next step is to send your document to this Embassy in order to do the last step of legalization process, along with:
  1. 70 CAD per document for Consular Tax (ways to pay)
  2. The photocopy of your ID (Serbian Passport or Serbian Lična karta, or Canadian Passport). This photocopy does not have to be legalized by Notary Public.
  3. Your phone number for contact
  4. One prepaid envelope with Tracking Number, addressed to your home address or the recipient in Serbia (shipping by mail service).

Visa services

The Serbia embassy offer visa services to Canadian planning to visit the republic of Serbia either for long or short stay.

Interestingly, Canadians with their passports don’t need a visa to travel to the Republic of Serbia. It is allowed to stay up to 90 days in a 180 days period but those with Refugee Travel Document require a visa for entry into the country.

The embassy offers two types of Visas, the visa type C and the Visa type D. The type C is for short stay of up to 90 days while the type D is for long stay of more than 90 days and up to 180 days.

Find below the requirements for both the Visa type C and Visa type D.

Zimbabwean Embassy in Canada

Visa type C

Required documents:

  •   Valid passport (passport must be valid for at least 90 days with at least two consecutive blank pages)
  • Completed Visa Application Form (should filled clearly, in printed letters). For minor children, the form is filled and signed by their parents.
  • Photo (Size 3,5cm x 4,5 cm)
  • Invitation letter – not older than 6 months.
  • For a private visit, a certified invitation letter from a relative or a friend from Serbia is required, whereby they commit to covering the expenses of the foreigner’s stay in Serbia.
  • If applying for a business visa, please enclose, an official invitation from the company in Serbia, stating the nature of the business. The expected duration of the visit as well as the name and address of the company or institution you are visiting. Also a letter from the Canadian company which you are representing.
  • Proof of appropriate and valid travel health insurance – the insurance duration must exceed the duration of the intended stay
  • Proof of residence in Canada (photocopy of Permanent Resident Card, Working Permit, Student’s Visa).
  • Proof of sufficient funds for staying in Serbia – the usual amount is approx. 50 EURs per day of your stay (accommodation and means to sustain yourself during the stay and return)
  • Return ticket or Itinerary, if you already have it
  • Proof of booking a hotel or other type of accommodation
  • A self-addressed prepaid return envelope (envelope is not required if applying in person at the Embassy) (shipping by mail service)
  • Consular tax of 97 CAD (non-refundable) pay through debit card or money order.

Visa type D requirements

  • All documents stated for applying for visa type C
  • Consular tax of 49 CAD (non-refundable)
  • Depending on the purpose of your stay, you should provide the following additional documents, if you are staying for:
  • Education, studies or specialization, participation in international exchange programs for students, other educational activities. The invitation letter of the institution confirming your activities, the letter of the Institution in Canada which is sending you. The contract between schools or universities in Serbia and Canada which provide the exchange of students.
  • Professional training, training and practice or scientific research. Provide the letter confirming the mentioned training, practice or research issued by the company in charge for your activities in Serbia. The contract of cooperation signed between the institutions in Serbia and Canada on the exchange of trainees or scientists.
  • Work, you need to provide your contract with the company inviting you to come to work in Serbia.
  • Family reunion (the spouse or parent is the citizen of Serbia). Provide a marriage Certificate, issued in last 6 months. For common-law partners, provide the proof of the single status, the notarized statement of both partners and two witnesses confirming that the union of this type exists. The proof of the common residential address, if you have a child – the Birth Certificate.
  • Religious service , provide the signed contract between the church in Serbia and you
  • Medical care or services provide the invitation letter of the medical institution in Serbia. It should state the place and the period of time necessary for your treatment.
  • Possessing a property in Serbia, you need to provide the proof of your ownership of the real estate in Serbia issued by the Cadastre Registrar Office, certified purchase contract, the decision of the Court of Serbia declaring you as the inheritor of the property in Serbia


Serbia embassy provides services to Serbians/Yugoslavs in Canada likewise the Canadians efficiently. The details of the top four services provided by the embassy are as stated.