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How to apply for Yukon Apprenticeship Program

Good news for apprentices in Canada- Yukon precisely, who wants to apply for the Yukon apprenticeship program. Yukon government are encouraging apprentice and supporting them in every way possible.

Recently, the Canadian government provided opportunities for Youth in STEM and skilled trades in Yukon. Yes! The government of Canada provided more than $165,000 for Yukon apprenticeship projects through the career focus program of the youth employment strategy.

Without a doubt, the government is trying hard to support post-secondary graduates with the experience and information they need to make informed career decisions, likewise to pursue or find jobs to advance their studies.

Therefore, if you are still contemplating applying for a Yukon apprenticeship, in this article we will walk you through the benefits, eligibility, and how to apply for the Yukon apprenticeship program.

What is the Yukon apprenticeship program

Firstly apprenticeship is a training program that aims to train workers to become skillful in a particular trade. However, it combines classroom learning and hands-on work for training.

Therefore, the Yukon apprenticeship program is a program that enables young people or students in Yukon to learn a skill of choice and provides opportunities for them to earn some money as they learn new skills. However, a larger percentage of the training program is on-the-job training, while the rest of the training session takes place at any technical institute or college.

Oftentimes, the in-class Yukon apprenticeship training program ranges from 8 to 12 weeks in a year, and on the completion of both the in-class and on-the-job training you become a certified journeyperson.

Without a doubt, to start a Yukon apprenticeship program you must be employed by an employer who is willing to sign off on your hours and pay the agreed wage during your apprenticeship.

Nevertheless, not only must your employer let you go to full-time school for your in-school training, but also let you come back to your job over the two to four years periods before your certification as a journeyperson.

Trades designated in Yukon apprenticeship program

Undoubtedly, there are many designated apprenticeship program in Yukon. These apprenticeship program has a Canadian Red seal, thus it is respected and recognized by all trades industry in Canada and internationally. They Yukon apprenticeship programs are:

  • Automotive Painter apprenticeship program
  • Automotive Service Technician apprenticeship program
  • Baker apprenticeship program
  • Bricklayer apprenticeship program
  • Cabinetmaker apprenticeship program
  • Carpenter apprenticeship program
  • Construction Electrician apprenticeship program
  • Cook apprenticeship program
  • Electric Motor System Technician apprenticeship program
  • Floor covering Installer apprenticeship program
  • Gasfitter Second Class or Gasfitter First Class 2 or (3) apprenticeship program
  • Glazier apprenticeship program
  • Hairstylist apprenticeship program
  • Heavy Duty Equipment Technician (Off-Road) apprenticeship program
  • Heavy Equipment & Truck & Transport Technician apprenticeship program
  • Electrician- Industrial apprenticeship program
  • Industrial Instrument Mechanic apprenticeship program
  • Mechanic (Millwright)- Industrial apprenticeship program
  • Industrial Warehouse Worker apprenticeship program
  • Insulator (Heat and Frost apprenticeship program
  • Lather (Interior Systems Mechanic) apprenticeship program
  • Machinist apprenticeship program
  • Vehicle Body Prepper- Motor apprenticeship program
  • Motor Vehicle Body Repairer apprenticeship program
  • Motor Vehicle Body Repairer (Metal and Paint) apprenticeship program
  • Oil Burner Mechanic apprenticeship program
  • Outdoor Power Equipment Technician apprenticeship program
  • Painter and Decorator apprenticeship program
  • Parts person apprenticeship program
  • Plumber apprenticeship program
  • Power System Electrician apprenticeship program
  • Powerline Technician apprenticeship program
  • Recreation Vehicle Service Technician apprenticeship program
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic apprenticeship program
  • Roofer apprenticeship program
  • Sawfitter/Filer apprenticeship program
  • Sheet Metal Worker apprenticeship program
  • Sprinkler System Installer apprenticeship program
  • Steamfitter/Pipefitter apprenticeship program
  • Transport Trailer Technician apprenticeship program
  • Truck and Transport Technician apprenticeship program
  • Welder apprenticeship program

Eligibility for Yukon apprenticeship program

And yes! There are eligibility criteria to meet for you to enrol in the Yukon apprenticeship program. So, check below to know if you are eligible

  • You must be 16 years of age or above
  • You must be a Yukon resident
  • Importantly, you must have a Yukon employer with a certified journeyperson who has agreed to sponsor your apprenticeship in the trade you choose
  • Lastly, you must file as a Yukon citizen with Canada Revenue Agency.

Duration for the Yukon apprenticeship program

Certainly, the time you will complete your Yukon apprenticeship program depends on a few things. Which are:

  • The type of trade you study and its requirements. However, you must be aware that each trade had its sets of required working hours
  • Your previous experience in the trade you applied for (if you have any)
  • Basically, your on-the-job and classroom training will take up to two to four years before completion. However, it may not take up to that if you already have job experience before you begin your apprenticeship
  • When you complete a pre-apprenticeship program your Yukon apprenticeship program years will be shortened.

Note that, a pre-apprenticeship program means several months of college training before your apprenticeship program.

Definitely, your pre-apprenticeship program will give you hands-on background and strong theoretical knowledge in a particular trade. Also, it will help you gain employment for your apprenticeship.

What if you already work in a trade?

Meanwhile, if you already work in a trade it is advised that you contact the Yukon apprenticeship office as soon as you start working in a designated trade in Yukon. This is because the hours you worked may actually count to the apprenticeship hours that are required for your certification.

Assuredly, if you can take that simple step of contacting the Yukon apprenticeship office at the start of your trade you can save yourself time and get an increase in wages.

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How to apply for the Yukon apprenticeship program

Definitely, it does not have to get difficult to apply for the Yukon apprenticeship program. That is why we are giving you the stepwise guide to applying for an apprenticeship in Yukon.

Step one: Get an application form

Firstly, fill the Yukon apprenticeship application or agreement form. However, ensure to input authentic and correct information details to have a swift application process. Also, there is a section that is assigned to be filled by your employer, so don’t fill that section.

Step two: Employer’s endorsement

Secondly, you have to give your employer your application form to fill the employer section of the form. Your employer must conclude on the hours you will spend for your apprenticeship program

Step three: Register your training agreement

Then, you must register your trading agreements with Yukon territorial apprenticeship authority. Note that, not only will you receive on-the-job training, but also attend in-class technical training, so registration is compulsory

Most certainly, you will be contacted about your Yukon apprenticeship application status within 2 weeks to know if your application is incomplete or if you don’t meet the required requirements.

Undoubtedly, if your Yukon apprenticeship program is not approved you have to check to know if you didn’t meet the requirements or any other things you didn’t take note of. However, if your application is approved you need to fill out an apprenticeship enrollment form for your in-school training.

Step four: Get the financial aid

Like it has been stated earlier, the government has the full support of Yukon apprenticeship. Hence, has provided financial aid for apprentices in Yukon. Moreso, there’s a special grant for female apprentices in Yukon, this is to encourage the female folks to do something great and set aside gender inequalities.

And yes! The Yukon apprenticeship program has an avenue for support through the Department of Education to provide assistance to apprentice that needs a psycho-educational assessment, support for learning disabilities, technology, as well as learning or tutoring assistance.

Step five: Earn as you learn

However, earning as you learn solely depends on your trade, it can take you between 2 to 5 years before you can proceed to apply as a certified journeyperson. But if you are already in a trade before registering for a Yukon apprenticeship, you will get to earn more. Likewise, your apprenticeship period will be decreased.

Step six: You’re certified

Lastly, after you complete both the in-class training and on-the-job training. Congrats! you have completed the Yukon apprenticeship program. Then, you can apply for your journeyperson certification. This certification is your ticket or certificate of qualification.

Frequently Asked Question

Are there differences between apprenticeship and other forms of work-based learning?

Yes, there are!. Basically, apprenticeship is a unique technical-vocational, education, and training exercise that combines off-the job-learning and on-the-job training to allow learners from Yukon or other walks of Life to acquire skills knowledge, and how to carry out the specific occupation. But other work-based learning does not have any written contract, legal framework, or formal assessment.

What is the role of Yukon apprenticeship in the future of work in Yukon?

Without a doubt, Yukon apprenticeship is primarily a means of facilitating the school-to-work transition for college graduates or young people. However, there is a rapid transformation in the world of work that places a demand on youth to acquire and update their existing skill in their working lives.

Hence, with Yukon apprenticeship, youths can be empowered to keep pace with this fast-evolving world of work by help assisting them to develop transferable skills and broad-based soft skills.

Is it possible to change employers during my apprenticeship?

Anyways, an apprenticeship depends on your training provider and employer. So, you can decide to change your job and continue on that same apprenticeship course without having to start your studies all over again.

However, your training provider has to agree that you change employer and that your new employer is suitable.


The Yukon apprenticeship program gives enticing opportunities for young people interested in trading. With the steps and guide given, you are definitely on your way to being an apprentice in Yukon.

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