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Yukon Provincial Nominee Program: Requirements, Costs and Application

The Yukon Provincial Nominee Program (YNP) is one of the many immigration Provincial Nominee Programs available in Canada, created by the government of Canada. Consequently, the YNP is designed and supported by the provincial government of Yukon to identify and select immigrant workers who suit the labor gaps of the province.

The requirements include the following:

  • You have the necessary skill set.
  • You have work experience that satisfies the job in the Yukon labor market.
  • You meet the Yukon Provincial Nominee requirements.

You stand a chance of being selected and nominated by this program and becoming a permanent resident of Canada after that.

This program is not beneficial to you alone but also extends to your spouse, children, common-law partner, family members, and any other dependents you wish to include.

Yukon Provincial Nominee Program Eligibility

The under-listed groups of persons may qualify for the Yukon Provincial Nominee Program

  • A worker in Canada or one with past work experience as a foreign worker in Canada,
  • If you have worked in Canada hitherto or in the Province of Yukon as a temporary resident,
  • An applicant planning a Canadian immigration.
  • If you have graduated in Canada and now wish to live in Canada by applying for permanent residence,
  • If you intend to move to Canada and wish for permanent residency in the Province of Yukon,

You may be eligible to make your dreams come true if you belong to any of these categories of persons through the YNP.

Yukon YNP Requirements

  • Your work experience,
  • Language proficiency test; IELTS test scores,
  • Educational qualifications,
  • Work experience temporary foreign worker,
  • Work permit,
  • Sponsorship,
  • Diploma,

All of these, amongst others, ultimately play a vital role in your eligibility to immigrate to Canada, becoming a permanent resident of Canada and Yukon using the YNP program.

Applying for YNP?

The Yukon Nominee Program pathway consists of 5 streams. key-streams-of-Yukon-nominee-program. In other to make applications for immigration and citizenship to Canada, as well as a permanent residency in Yukon Province using any of these streams, you must first of all be eligible for at least one of the streams.

Your opportunity to fulfill your dream of living permanently in Canada or gaining Canadian citizenship may lie in one of these streams. Additionally, streams are available, specially designed for international students and immigrant workers. These streams, with their eligibility criteria, are explained below.

Yukon Express Entry

The Yukon Express Entry stream is got three separate pathways in it. The pathways and their eligibility criteria are, thus, explained.

Yukon Express Entry Skilled Worker

  • The Express Entry Skilled Program requires that you should have been accepted into the Express Entry pool. However, your profile in the Express Entry pool must be valid and active online.
  • You must demonstrate that you have enough settlement funds to assist you and your family members who intend to come with you to live in Canada.
  • Must have obtained a valid job offer in a permanent full-time position from an eligible employer resident in Yukon.
  • Show proof that you have the desire to settle in Canada and also to live in Yukon.
  • Must satisfy the requirements of the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

Yukon Express Entry Skilled Trades

  • Ensure to have fulfilled the requirements of the Federal Skilled Trades Program.
  • You must have an active and valid Express Entry profile to qualify.
  • Must have been accepted into the Yukon Express Entry pool.
  • Applicant must have sufficient settlement funds to support you and every other family member who comes with you to live in Canada.
  • You must have a permanent and full-time job offer from an employer in Yukon to qualify for the Yukon Express Entry.
  • Possess the necessary certifications as proof that you have the required skills for the skilled trade you are to engage in while living in Yukon.
  • This certificate, however, must have been awarded by a provincial authority like the Apprenticeship and Tradesperson Qualifications Authority.
  • Show proof that you have the desire to live in Yukon.

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Yukon Express Entry Canada Experience Class

  • Must have satisfied the eligibility criteria of the Canadian Experience Class.
  • It is a requirement that you have an active and valid Express Entry profile.
  • Must have gained acceptance to the Express Entry pool.
  • You must have gained a job offer from an eligible employer in a permanent full-time position.
  • Demonstrate that you desire to live and work in the Yukon province.

Yukon Skilled Worker Program

In other to obtain permanent residency as well as Canadian citizenship through immigrating to Yukon and via the Yukon Provincial Nominee Program, you must satisfy the eligibility criteria that have been stipulated as a requirement to apply for Canadian permanent residency through this stream and as listed below.

  • Must have obtained a job offer from a Yukon employer for a full-time permanent position.
  • The job requirements must include; having management skills, technical skills, professional skills, or experience in the particular trade to qualify you for the Yukon Provincial Nominee program.
  • Must show that you have the academic credentials and job experience required to perform the duties.
  • Provide proof of your language proficiency via a language test such as IELTS.
  • You are expected to be legally living in Canada if you are applying while in Canada.
  • Applying as a full-time student in Canada, you must hold a valid student visa. You will also be required to provide proof that you have completed a one-year program of study in Canada or that you are currently enrolled in a diploma study program.
  • If you are a refugee claimant, you are not eligible for this program.

Yukon’s Critical Impact Worker Category

If you are an immigrant worker who does not mind working in a lower-skilled occupation and filling the lower labor gaps in the Yukon labor market, this stream is for you. Nevertheless, you must fulfill the following requirements.

  • Must have a full-time job offer in a permanent position and an occupation with skill level C or D.
  • Possess the training credentials as well as job experience necessary to perform the requirements of the job.
  • You must possess experience, having worked for a minimum of 6 months in the job you intend to pursue while living in Canada.
  • Must show proof of language proficiency through a language test in French or English.
  • You are expected to be in legal status in Canada if you are making an application while living in Canada.
  • Making an application as a full-time student in Canada? You must hold a valid student visa. Additionally, you will have to prove that you have completed a one-year study program in Canada and are enrolled in a diploma study program.
  • Should you be a refugee claimant in Canada, you are not eligible for this program.

Yukon Business Immigration Program

The Yukon business immigration pathway is for you if you can start a business in Yukon or run a business with a partner in the province of Yukon. Through this stream, you can apply for permanent residency. However, the Government of Yukon cannot invest in your business via this stream.

You must supply proof of investment in your business to apply through this pathway. Furthermore, your business can sell goods and services or both.

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Eligibility for Yukon Business Immigration

  • It is required that you must have been in a job for a minimum of five years as a senior manager. Conversely, you can have direct experience as an entrepreneur in a business similar to the business you intend to start or partner in.
  • You must submit a resume or CV with your financial statements and letter of recommendation. In addition, you must also submit supporting documents of your work experience.
  • Your net worth requirement is a minimum of CAD 250,000. You are also expected to have liquid assets such as deposits.
  • Must have been to Yukon province in the past. Otherwise, demonstrate that you understand the market and business in Yukon, including the social environment of the province.
  • Demonstrating language ability through a language test in French or English is a must. The test should be from an authorized testing body such as IELTS.
  • You must prove that you have the ability and desire to be involved in managing and operating the everyday work activities of the business.
  • 33.3% equity of the business is expected to be owned by you.
  • Should your business entail manufacturing, energy, tourism products, mining or mineral development, agriculture, cultural industries, information technology, film, video production, value addition through processing, forestry, attractions or services, and facilities, you will obtain priority from the provincial government.
  • More so, your business will not qualify for application in this program if it is related to personal services, professional practices, passive investments, financial services, renting of real estate, retail, wholesale and distribution operations, and restaurants.

Yukon Community Pilot Program

The Yukon community pilot stream was introduced in 2020 and is expected to accept applications for three years. This program can grant you an open work permit valid for two years; however, it will be restricted to location. In addition, you must have a valid nomination for permanent residency in Yukon to be eligible.

A work visa obtained through this stream will permit you to work in Canada for not more than three different employers in participating communities of the province. Moreover, the visa will be valid for two years and does not require a Labor Market Impact Assessment.

Participating communities include; Carmacks, Dawson City, Whitehorse, Haines Junction, Carcross, and Watson Lake.

Eligibility for Yukon Community Pilot

  • You are required to have obtained job offers from 2 or 3 separate employers in Yukon.
  • Provide a photocopy of the letter of support signed by the Government of Yukon.
  • Ensure to satisfy the eligibility requirements for a work permit in Canada.
  • Your job offers must be located in the same Yukon participating communities.
  • Must hold a full-time, permanent position in these jobs.
  • The jobs must be non-seasonal occupations and provide you with work and regular income for the whole year.
  • Your earning income on the jobs must equal the median wage for those jobs or more.
  • You will be expected to provide the educational/training qualifications and the work experience necessary to carry out your job duties.

Supporting documents for Yukon Community Pilot

  • Photocopy of your nomination letter from the Provincial Government of Yukon. You must show that you have been nominated for permanent residency in Yukon.
  • The Provincial Government’s letter of support. The letter of support should indicate that your employers need you to start work immediately.
  • Your letter of support should also possess the name of your employers, their type of occupations, the number of hours you are required to work within the week, alongside your employment location.
  • Job offers must be valid and genuine.


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